Episode 46 – Pardon The Interruption

In an unprecedented show of ambition, Pucked in the Head is today releasing its second podcast episode in as many weeks. This is sure to prove to be an unsustainable production level, so get in while you can! In a desperate, and mostly unsuccessful attempt to keep on time and on topic, we’ve modeled this episode after Pardon the Interruption. Only in this version, we don’t know which topics the other is going to bring to the debate. Very little lockout stuff within!

  • Introduction
  • Sofa Surfer Girl by The Orchid Highway
  • O Captain My Captain, have you gone potty yet today?
  • Logo, logo, wherefore art thou in my twitter feed?
  • Time for a Change by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Episode 46 – Pardon The Interruption”

  1. Great episode guys. We are all (us Canucks and hockey bloggers) going to be in a difficult position with social media this season. We are trying to avoid lockout talk. There is plenty everywhere else and we want to keep everyone’s moods up. Over in Australia this year we are going to have a few Canucks gatherings. Lockout or no lockout. The Canucks social media team will have a bit more freedom to create material outside of hockey with the lockout. They’ll do a good job as always, but there’s only so much they can do.

  2. Cheers, Myles. Thanks for listening. Personally I’m just glad that we aren’t a Canucks-exclusive site. There’s so much material out there that we can dig into even without the NHL playing.

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