Episode 10 – Modano to the Wings

Jason and I express our disappointment with the sellout Mike Modano. We compare the whore’s move to the Wings to Jordan going to the Wizards and Damon going to the Yankees. We also explain why the turncoat’s move to Motown is in no way like Bourque going to the Avs.

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Chris is a pussy.
  • Modano to the Wings.
  • Bourque went to Colorado to get a ring.
  • Mike Modano wants ANOTHER ring.
  • Career overview.
  • The Wings make a good move.
  • The Stars do not make a good move.
  • Holy cats Mrs Modano is HOT!
  • Three goals shy of Guy Lafleur.
  • Is Shaq a whore?
  • Is Jordan a whore?
  • Is Johnny Damon a whore?
  • Chris hates people who live out their boyhood dreams.
  • Lebron didn’t do it for money.
  • Don’t throw away your marriage for Gabriela Sabatini.
  • DEFINITELY not for Jennifer Capriati.
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway

Episode 09 – Front Loaded Contracts

At long, long last, we get around to telling the 5 people who don’t already know that we have selected Pucked in the Head as our new name. In this episode, Jason and I record out of doors. Talking about this subject anywhere but a nice park would have made us stabby.

  • Cheesy Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Our first out of doors podcast
  • We are Pucked in the Head
  • Front Loaded Contracts: Bad Faith, Good GMing, or both?
  • Kovalchuk: worth the worry?
  • Is Richard Bloch a stooge?
  • Remember Gretzky’s personal services contract?
    The CBA has loopholes. (Or, “Nuh-uh!”)
    Looney Tunes legal contract means another lockout.
    Bettman must kill this wabbit.
    Don’t blame Luongo.
    It’s the GMs who are to blame.
  • Marian Hossa’s deal vs Ilya Kovalchuk’s deal.
  • I miss not knowing how much players make.
  • Chris Pronger & Roberto Luongo’s deals.
  • Garth Snow’s Crazy Deal Emporium!
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway