Pucked in the Head 44: Top 7 Rivalries of All Time, Part 1

No matter which team you like best, there’s a special feeling that precedes a big matchup against their biggest rival. This year, people around the hockey world stopped to watch the Vancouver Canucks battle the Boston Bruins in a one-game rematch of last year’s injury-filled Stanley Cup final. But as much as the Bs and Canucks hate each other, they’ve got nothing on these: the Top Seven Team Rivalries in Sporting History – part one. (Note: there may not be overt hockey content in this episode, but we use the great sport on ice as comparison approximately 3,657.29 times during this podcast.)

Sofa Surfer Girl by the Orchid Highway
The Boat Race
The Glasgow Derby
Basketball’s biggest rivalry
Wait: did you say a *kick* to the head?
Time for a Change by the Orchid Highway
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Pucked in the Head 044 – Team Rivalries part 1

Schneid he stay or Schneid he go now?

Cory Schneider will snag a big contract come the off-season. But will he have a Stanley Cup ring to go with it?

The Vancouver Canucks have in their hands one solid, blue chip player who may just be the key to the franchise’s first Stanley Cup win. It’s no surprise they’re in the hunt — they’ve got the last two Art Ross trophy winners in the lineup, for starters, as well as a perennial Selke finalist in Ryan Kesler and a legitimate Norris candidate in Alex Edler. Alex Burrows is no slouch, either, and Cody Hodgson is manufacturing a solid rookie campaign on a constantly rotating lineup of bangers and mashers.

With Roberto Luongo playing some of his best hockey in years – don’t let that annual slow start fool you, his numbers since December 1 are outstanding – it’s his protegé that holds the key to an extended Canuck playoff run. Continue reading Schneid he stay or Schneid he go now?