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Episode 32 – 2011 Stanley Cup Final predictions

Pucked in the Head is so giddy about seeing the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup final, they were barely able to contain themselves long enough to put together a podcast prior to Game 1. But here it is, in all its season-ending glory, with a few jokes about severed fingers and Japanese monster movies thrown in for good measure. We hope you enjoy.

  • Introduction
  • Opening theme by the Orchid Highway.
  • We’re in the Stanley Cup finals!
  • Where were you in 1994?
  • An ode to the Lightning.
  • Tip of the hat to San Jose.
  • Final predictions – like they’re a surprise.
  • Closing theme by the Orchid Highway.
  • Thanks for listening.


Episode 30 – 2011 Round 1: WC Predictions

The Vancouver Canucks are the first team in the expansion era to lead the NHL in both goals for and goals against. Daniel Sedin won the Art Ross trophy, and they won the Presidents’ Trophy going away. Will that push them through to their first Stanley Cup? Pucked in the Head explores the first round of the 2011 playoffs, Western Conference style.

  • How the West Was Won
  • Opening theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Bring on the first round!
  • #4 Anaheim vs #5 Nashville
  • #3 Detroit vs #6 Phoenix
  • #2 San Jose vs #7 Los Angeles
  • #1 Vancouver vs #8 Chicago
  • RK17 raffle
  • Time for a Change by The Orchid Highway


Episode 29 – 2011 Round 1: EC Predictions

Every year, we try to wrap our pretty little heads around the playoff picture. We fail miserably, but we hope you’ll enjoy listening to us devolve into grunting, excrement-flinging monopods during this 20-minute chat anyway.

  • Intro
  • Sofa Surfer Girl by the Orchid Highway
  • 2011 Playoffs
  • #1 Washington vs #8 NY Rangers
  • #2 Philadelphia vs #7 Buffalo
  • #3 Boston vs #6 Montreal
  • #4 Pittsburgh vs #5 Tampa Bay
  • Wrap Up
  • Time for a Change by The Orchid Highway
  • Chris Can’t Count


Episode 23 – Mid-season reflections

Keeping up the age-old tradition, “If Kevin Weekes can do it, why can’t we?”, Chris and Jason cobbled together some opinions and rugged good looks to create our very own show. The result? Broadcasting gold. And so we bring you Episode 23 of Pucked in the Head: Mid-Season Trophies

  • Mid-season reflection
  • Intro
  • Sofa Surfer Girl by the Orchid Highway
  • The Hart trophy would go to…
  • What’s Russian for “Olympic Hangover”?
  • Coach of the Year thus far…
  • The Norris trophy winner is…
  • Best between the pipes thus far…
  • Rookie of the Year…
  • What IS the Selke, anyway…
  • Time for a Change by The Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening

Episode 22 – Canucks in top spot at the halfway mark

Since we recorded this podcast, the Canucks have followed up their remarkable 20-game undefeated streak by getting shut out twice in four games. Even carrot-top himself, Cory Schneider, lost two in regulation.

Still, our boys are tied for first in the league, and sit atop the Western Conference. Our observations about team chemistry on ice, smarts off the ice, and the horrid waste of time that is Tron: Legacy still stand.


  • We be smug, y’all!
  • Sofa Surfer Girl by The Orchid Highway
  • Tron Legacy: the NJ Devils of movies
  • Holy Hanssen, we’re in top spot!
  • Gillis is following the Red Wings model
  • Is Ryan Kesler the Canucks MVP?
  • Jason taps Luongo for MVP
  • Solid team from stem to stern
  • Chris discovers the key to success
  • If the playoffs started today
  • Time for a Change by The Orchid Highway


Episode 20 – The Douchebag Hour

After an admitted soft touch on the Markus Naslund episode, we here at Pucked in the Head felt it was time to get back to our cynical roots. Hence, we give you the All-Douche Episode of Pucked in the Head. What better way to celebrate the holidays!
(Opening Theme – Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis; Closing Theme – I Shall Be Released by The Band)

  • Intro – The All-Douche Episode
  • Opening Theme
  • All Douche All the Time
  • Douche #1: Don Cherry
  • Douche #2: Rob Ford
  • Douche #3: Mike Gillis?!?!
  • Douche #4: Chris Withers
  • Douche #5: Colin Campbell
  • Douche #6: Sean Avery
  • Douche #7: Paul Bissonnette
  • Douche #8: Ilya Kovalchuk
  • Douche #9: Alexander Ovechkin
  • Douche #10: The HHOF Committee
  • Closing Theme

Episode 17 – The 2011 NHL All-Star Ballot

Recorded before the Canucks’ four-game losing skid, episode 17 of Pucked in the Head explores the inane NHL policy of not putting the best players’ names on the All-Star Ballot. Jason brings an inordinate amount of passion to the table, and Chris can’t fathom why anyone could care that much about a charity game. Both drink copious amounts of beer, which is the way it should be. Enjoy!

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • The 2011 NHL All-Star Ballot
  • Colin Campbell is a hobbit.
  • The All-Star ballot is a joke.
  • On the blueline…
  • Chris has a nuanced and elegant argument.
  • Jason wins the argument the old fashioned way: he earns it.
  • The boys pick their All-Stars.
  • Then they get a little off-topic.
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening

Episode 16 – Ode to the Northwest Division

Pucked in the Head is back with a new logo, the same old attitude, and a scary black and white picture of Jason shirtless. Oh, and if you listen to the very end you’ll hear the very first performance of Jason’s new baby daughter, Milla. (Sorry, the audio files of Chris’s trip to Mexico have been held up at customs.)

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Ode to the Northwest Division
  • Jason is a pappy!
  • Our first hockey-related baby gift
  • Alberta hockey is awful
  • The Edmonton Oilers suck.
  • The Calgary Flames suck.
  • The Minnesota Wild are okay.
  • The Colorado Avalanche are comme si, comme ca.
  • The Vancouver Canucks are gonna win the division, dang it.
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening

Episode 15 – Central Division Preview

Sure, it’s two weeks into the regular season; that doesn’t mean we can’t edit and publish our Central Division picks, does it? Hey, we makes some good points, and take buckets of piss out of the creaky, rickety Detroit Red Wings. Oh yeah, and we talk about the dirty rotten stinkin’ Chicago Blackhawks, too. Also, beer girls!

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Central Division Preview
  • The Dirty Rotten Stinkin’ Chicago Blackhawks
  • MsBlackhawks & HockeyBroad bloggers
  • The Detroit Red Wings
  • The Nashville Predators
  • Preds on the Glass Podcast
  • The St Louis Blues
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening