Eric Hassli Condemned to TFC

Of all the places to send him. Sure, Toronto had an opening and a desperate need for a forward, after Danny Koevermans’ season was ended by a torn ACL. And, sure, a long goal drought had put Hassli in Martin Rennie’s doghouse, rendering him an overpriced (and expensive) late-game sub on most nights. But nobody deserves Toronto.

It sucks to lose such a character. This is the guy who scored the first MLS goal in Whitecaps history after flying in from Switzerland just a week before. The guy who, after only three MLS games, had scored three goals and been sent off twice (once for celebrating one of his goals). The guy who bought in to this city and this country, got married, bought land, always had time for the fans and even got a maple leaf tattooed on his arm.

He’s the guy who did this:

And this:

And this:

To me, it doesn’t matter who got the better of this trade. It doesn’t matter that he scored 3 goals in his last 30 or so games, or that he was constantly whining about the shitty officiating, or that he might thrive in Paul Mariner’s formation. I’m having trouble seeing past one of the reasons I fell in love with the Whitecaps being traded away for a draft pick. I know it isn’t rational, and I’m sure I’ll get over it as I get to know some of the new personalities on the team, but right now it feels like this team got a lot less likeable.

I’m going to miss the way Hassli seemed never to score a goal unless it was in the most dramatic way possible, and I find myself wishing him success in Toronto, so long as it’s not against us. Best of luck, Eric.

3 thoughts on “Eric Hassli Condemned to TFC”

  1. Wah, Chris. Wah.

    Toronto doesn’t even need a dramatic swashbuckling Swissman to down the Whitecaps – the useless red tits manage to beat Vancouver just about every time anyway!

  2. Don’t “wah wah” us, Jason, for loving our boys in blue and white and being upset when they get traded. We’re not like you Canuck fans that like to see players leave. This posting by Chris is speaking to exactly how I am feeling (minus the part of liking the ‘Caps a little less). I will always love my Whitecap boys and it hurts when the one you love the most, leaves. I, too, will learn to love any new player that comes our way, but Hassli was like our first born and it is hard to see him leave and to all places, Toronto.

  3. Me too, Chris. Those of us who emotionally invest in a club can’t help but be sad after this departure.

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