Episode 15 – Central Division Preview

Sure, it’s two weeks into the regular season; that doesn’t mean we can’t edit and publish our Central Division picks, does it? Hey, we makes some good points, and take buckets of piss out of the creaky, rickety Detroit Red Wings. Oh yeah, and we talk about the dirty rotten stinkin’ Chicago Blackhawks, too. Also, beer girls!

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Central Division Preview
  • The Dirty Rotten Stinkin’ Chicago Blackhawks
  • MsBlackhawks & HockeyBroad bloggers
  • The Detroit Red Wings
  • The Nashville Predators
  • Preds on the Glass Podcast
  • The St Louis Blues
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening

Episode 14 – Pacific Division Preview

In the 4th of our division preview series, Pucked in the Head makes the cross-continent journey to the considerably less terrible Pacific Division. We apologize if our man-love for Drew Doughty makes you uncomfortable.

  • Intro/Theme by The Orchid Highway
  • Pacific Division Preview
  • San Jose Sharks
  • Phoenix Coyotes
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Dallas Stars
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • What’s a preview without predictions?
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening!

Episode 13 – Southeast Division Preview

Ahh the Southeast Division. Full of wonderful weather and terrible teams. And Washington.  Man do they like beating up on failing sun-belt franchises.  Anyways, here’s our preview.  I hope you like it!

  • Intro/Theme by The Orchid Highway
  • Southeast Division Preview
  • Washington Capitals
  • Do the Caps even need a goalie?
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Chris reads the Douche-O-Meter
  • Stevie Y makes it a destination team
  • Florida Panthers
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Atlanta Thrashers
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway

Episode 12 – Atlantic Division Predictions

A mind-boggingly thorough evaluation of the 2010-11 Atlantic Division. Topics of interest: the sad-sackiness of the New York Islanders, and how will Glen Sather screw up the Rangers this year?


• Intro / theme by The Orchid Highway

• Atlantic Division Preview

• The New York Islanders

• Alexei Yashin’s STILL screwing the Isles?!?!

• John Tavares: Face of the Franchise

• James Wisniewski

• “Kelios”? Really, Chris?

• The New York Rangers

• Memo to Glen Sather

• Memo to Brent Sutter

• The Douche-O-Meter

• The Blueshirt Blueline

• King Lundqvist

• The Philadelphia Flyers

• A roster with legs

• The Pittsburgh Penguins

• Buh-bye, bottom six!

• Is Marc-Andre Fleury the guy?

• The New Jersey Devils

• Enough with the Kovalchuk, already!

• Hedberg ain’t the backup answer

• Anton Volchenkov: Shot Blocker Extraordinaire

• Chris’s predictions

• Jason’s predictions

• Wrap up

• Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway

• Thanks for listening

Episode 11 – Northeast Division Predictions

With the regular season just a couple of short weeks away, Jason and I offer up the first of our division previews.  Jason also gets to play with his new toy – The Douche-O-Meter.

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Northeast Division Preview.
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • Dion Phaneuf: Douche or just good captain?
  • Carl Gunnarsson, Leafs’ secret weapon.
  • The Boston Bruins.
  • Leafs fans must hate Tyler Seguin.
  • Marc Savard under pressure.
  • The Ottawa Senators
  • Sergei Gonchar, PP savior.
  • Goaltending will kill the Sens.
  • The Buffalo Sabres
  • Ryan Miller backs a solid team.
  • Leopold a good Sabres D-Man.
  • Can they stay healthy?
  • The Montreal Canadiens
  • Carey Price: It’s do or die, boy!
  • PK Subban is the real deal.
  • Jason’s Predictions.
  • Chris’s Superior Predictions
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway

Episode 10 – Modano to the Wings

Jason and I express our disappointment with the sellout Mike Modano. We compare the whore’s move to the Wings to Jordan going to the Wizards and Damon going to the Yankees. We also explain why the turncoat’s move to Motown is in no way like Bourque going to the Avs.

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Chris is a pussy.
  • Modano to the Wings.
  • Bourque went to Colorado to get a ring.
  • Mike Modano wants ANOTHER ring.
  • Career overview.
  • The Wings make a good move.
  • The Stars do not make a good move.
  • Holy cats Mrs Modano is HOT!
  • Three goals shy of Guy Lafleur.
  • Is Shaq a whore?
  • Is Jordan a whore?
  • Is Johnny Damon a whore?
  • Chris hates people who live out their boyhood dreams.
  • Lebron didn’t do it for money.
  • Don’t throw away your marriage for Gabriela Sabatini.
  • DEFINITELY not for Jennifer Capriati.
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway

Episode 09 – Front Loaded Contracts

At long, long last, we get around to telling the 5 people who don’t already know that we have selected Pucked in the Head as our new name. In this episode, Jason and I record out of doors. Talking about this subject anywhere but a nice park would have made us stabby.

  • Cheesy Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Our first out of doors podcast
  • We are Pucked in the Head
  • Front Loaded Contracts: Bad Faith, Good GMing, or both?
  • Kovalchuk: worth the worry?
  • Is Richard Bloch a stooge?
  • Remember Gretzky’s personal services contract?
    The CBA has loopholes. (Or, “Nuh-uh!”)
    Looney Tunes legal contract means another lockout.
    Bettman must kill this wabbit.
    Don’t blame Luongo.
    It’s the GMs who are to blame.
  • Marian Hossa’s deal vs Ilya Kovalchuk’s deal.
  • I miss not knowing how much players make.
  • Chris Pronger & Roberto Luongo’s deals.
  • Garth Snow’s Crazy Deal Emporium!
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway

Episode 08 – Top 5 Shocking Sports Endings

Lacking in current hockey-related topics to chat about, yet unable to shut our mouths for more than 5 minutes, we make up our personal top list of shocking sports endings.

  • Intro / theme by the Orchid Highway
  • Top Five Shocking Endings in Sports Memory
  • #5. Numb in Nashville.
  • #4. It’s Miller time!
  • #3. Too many men, are you KIDDING me?
  • #2. It gets through Buckner!
  • #1. Ghana but not forgotten.
  • Wrap up.
  • Closing Theme by the Orchid Highway


Episode 07 – Off-Season Moves

Canucks off-season personnel moves.  Is Mike Gillis the smartest man to ever occupy the job of Canucks GM? Is this the best podcast ever produced on Jason’s laptop?

  • Intro / theme by Orchid Highway
  • July 1 = Canada Day = Free Agent Day!
  • F*ck you, G*rdo
  • Is Mike Gillis a genius?
  • MG is not a good looking man
  • Draft pickup: Keith Ballard
  • Bernier a Canuck no more
  • Michael Grabner is the sweetmeat of this deal
  • Somehow I don’t think YouTube was on Gillis’s mind
  • Ballard clips Vokoun in frustration
  • Ballard hates Vokoun, in fact
  • Gillis wins the Hamhuis sweepstakes
  • Manny Malhotra comes to town, too
  • It’s sad to see Wellwood go
  • Why all the Wellwood-is-fat jokes, people?
  • D-FENCE!
  • Mitchell done like dinner? Kevin Bieksa to move?
  • Tambellini & Perrault round out FA Day acquisitions
  • Canucks stack up well on paper
  • Jason throws down the gauntlet
  • Chris thinks our new D sucks? WTF!?!?!
  • Jason’s big prediction

Episode 06 – NHL Awards

Predictions for the NHL Awards.  We also desperately try to find a positive Canuck moment in the recent playoffs, and end up settling on a player profile of two-time former Canuck Brent “Enough With The Cracker Jokes” Sopel.


  • Intro / theme by Orchid Highway
  • Congrats to the dirty rotten stinkin’ Blackhawks
  • Awards night at the Cinema on Granville Stree
  • Five Hole for Food comes to Vancouver July 9
  • Habs move Halak’s rights to St Louis
  • Cam Neely named Bruins President
  • Congratulations to ex-Canuck Brent Sopel
  • Five Hole for Food redux
  • It’s NHL Awards time!
  • Lady Byng (Most Sportsmanlike Player)
  • Hart Trophy (MVP)
    Vezina (Goalie of the Year)
  • Jason pulls Al Pacino out of his butt?
  • Calder (Rookie of the Year)
  • Jack Adams (Coach of the Year)
  • Was it Kick a Ginger Day?
  • Norris (Defenseman of the Year)