Episode 05 – Cup Final Preview

The search continues for a name.  It’s so hard to crowd-source good help these days.  This preview of the Stanley Cup finals touches on:

  • Gary Bettman = Count von Count?
  • Steve Nash: real man
  • Still taking name suggestions
  • Lots of Canadians in the final
  • The Mullet vs the Wookie
  • Do the Flyers deserve to be here?
  • Will Vancouverites ever stop talking about 82 & 94?
  • Chicago in 5. Or 6. Chicago, anyway.
  • Marian Hossa, bah. Chris Pronger’s impressive.
  • Chicago is DEEP, like good pizza.
  • Winter Classic news
  • Should Vancouver host a winter classic?
  • Is Winnipeg viable?
  • Stevie Y goes to Tampa Bay.
  • How much does Mark Messier suck?
  • Memo to Glen Sather


Episode 02 – Playoff Preview

Pucked In The Head’s 2009-10 playoff predictions.  We go in depth into every 1st round NHL series and pick a winner.  And by “in depth” I mean we mention the series.  And by “pick a winner” I mean we usually fail utterly to divine the team that’s going to win, let alone how many games they win in.