Episode 21 – The Ballad of Wendel Clark

At Pucked in the Head, we believe there’s more to life than just hockey. There’s also hockey music. We’re here to talk about a little Canadian band called Rheostatics.

  • Intro
  • Rheostatics
  • Dave Bidini – Tropic of Hockey
  • who are the Rheostatics anyway?
  • The Ballad of Wendell Clark
  • That’s a wrap
  • Time For a Change by The Orchid Highway

James Macdonald
Right Wing (Guitar, Stage Left)
182 cm
75 kilos
Shoots left
Not afraid to go hard in the corners

Guitarist for Vancouver-based rock band The Orchid Highway, ‘Jamie’ is a grizzled veteran of many tours across Canada, the US, and the UK. (They took their sticks on tour for the shinny games!) A fan of the game, he began cheering for Swedes back in the WHA Winnipeg Jets days, and was overjoyed when Vancouver drafted the Sedins 2nd and 3rd overall. An opinionated bastard, Jamie always has something to say.



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