Episode 33 – Shooting the Off-Season Shit

Over a month after the Boston Bruins quite literally broke the Vancouver Canucks’ back – well, okay, one of their backs, anyway – Chris Withers is still bitter about the whole thing. We decided to get together to shoot the breeze anyway.

  • Introduction
  • Sofa Surfer Girl by the Orchid Highway
  • Shooting the Off-Season Shit
  • The Bruins left a bruise on Chris Withers
  • Chris needs some rebound hockey
  • The Longest Game for CF
  • NHL Free Agent Frenzy
  • Time for a Change by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening


07 Aug 2011 – Off-Season Winners

After nearly a month of NHL free agency, over one BILLION dollars has been handed out to 162 players this off season (thank you, capgeek.com), and (apologies to Kyle Wellwood) all but the dregs of this weak free agent pool have been snapped up. Because all things must, inevitably, be reduced to a competition in the world of sport, here are the seven winners of this year’s off-season. Continue reading 07 Aug 2011 – Off-Season Winners