Episode 35 – Southeast Division

In this year’s series of NHL division previews, we start with the Southeast Division, home of two of the league’s most prolific scorers.

  • Introduction
  • Sofa Surfer Girl by the Orchid Highway
  • Let’s start with the Jets.
  • The new Jets logo/jersey situation.
  • RIP Rick Rypien
  • The Jets on the ice.
  • The Washington Capitals
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning
  • The Carolina Hurricanes
  • The Florida Panthers
  • Scottie Upshall’s gal pal Melanie Collins
  • Melanie’s non-existent inhibitions.
  • Melanie and some other chick’s crack.
  • The Florida Panthers are a bad team.
  • Final Predictions
  • Time for a Change by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening.


01 Sep 2011 – Longest Game for CF

Update: At 11:05 on Labour Day, 5 September 2011, the women from the Longest Game for CF wrapped up their Guinness World Record longest hockey game in history. They surpassed the previous record – see #3 below – by 65 minutes. Congratulations to everyone involved!

1. Between August 26 and September 5, 2011, 40 women in Burnaby, British Columbia will break the Guinness World Record by playing the longest continuous hockey game in history. The brainchild of Val Skelly, the Longest Game is an homage to a friend, Lucia Tavano, who died of CF at the age of 27. They’re raising awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis research and encouraging people to become organ donors as well. See below for some very sobering facts about CF. Their website is www.longestgame4cf.com. This first picture shows Katrina Dauncey making a save in the 105th hour – at this point, she had personally put in more than 46 hours on the ice. Continue reading 01 Sep 2011 – Longest Game for CF

Episode 34 – Longest Game 4 CF

From August 26th to September 5th, 2011, an amazing group of forty women will be playing hockey continuously in an attempt to set the Guinness world record for the longest hockey game ever played. The record will be broken around 10:00am on Labour Day.

We challenge you to get down to Burnaby 8-Rinks and, whether it be with your wallet, your time or just your voice, contribute to this great event. For more information, why not read our Seven Things about the Longest Game article as you listen?

  • Introduction
  • Sofa Surfer Girl by the Orchid Highway
  • On Location
  • The Longest Hockey Game in history
  • Holy hell, CF is brutal!
  • We challenge you to donate.
  • Time for a Change by the Orchid Highway
  • Thanks for listening – Zamboni wood edition.