Episode 43 – Brad Marchand is a douche

As Boston Bruins resident spelling “champian” Brad Marchand prepares to return from his 5-game suspension for clipping Sami Salo, Chris Withers and Jason Kurylo gather a slew of four-letter words to dis #63. Chris probably sums it up best: “Hey Brad Marchand: Stop being such a f*cking douche.”

For reference, here’s a link to Brendan Shanahan’s video explaining his ruling, wherein he calls Brad Marchand “a f*cking douche”. Wait, sorry, that’s us. Shanaban says #63 is “predatory” and “purposefully… aims to flip Salo over his back”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05-O-uRuKyY

And for those who haven’t seen it yet, a little magic and a request: We’ve been unable to ascertain just who put this wonderful ad spoof together, but if you know, please tell us – we’d love to give that person the credit they deserve. Well done, mystery Photoshop wizard!




Episode 043: An Ode to Brad Marchand

• Intro
• Sofa Surfer Girl by the Orchid Highway
• Brad Marchand is a douche
• The prosecution rests
• The defense has to work really hard
• Judgement: yeah, he’s pretty much a douche
• Time for a Change by the Orchid Highway
• Thanks for listening

Episode 043 – Brad Marchand is a douche

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